Analytics Activation Consultant

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Analytics Activation Consultant

DAN DNA is a young and ambitious team that’s growing fast! We are looking for a talented analyst to join our team of data experts and innovate the way web analytics is done. Your peers already recognize you as an expert and you are looking for a new stimulating environment to become a master? We want to meet you!


What you’ll be doing

  • Web and media data tracking audit and quality assessments;
  • Tagging solution design and implementation;
  • Implementation planning, training and coaching to client technical teams;
  • Build web analytics dashboards for performance and customer journey monitoring;
  • Design analysis methodologies in order to solve questions from the clients with an innovative twist;
  • Produce insights and present recommendations to an audience of marketers and senior management at the client side.

What do you bring to the team?

  • Critical thinking and status quo challenging in order to keep the team’s expertise level high and keep innovating;
  • Ability to apply web analytics methods and help clients to define success metrics and dashboard visualization (with the help of mock-ups and prototypes);
  • Ability to present findings of complex analysis with simple stories and charts;
  • Knowledge of advanced analytics methodologies (eg. attribution modelling, marketing mix modelling, econometric models) and creativity in setting up new analysis.

Key Experiences

  • Advanced web tracking (event tracking, ecommerce tracking, javascript);
  • Participation to large web development projects (with agile mehodology);
  • Master on the Google Analytics platform and/or on other main web analytics platforms (eg. Adobe);
  • Knowledge of clickstream data and how to use it for producing the richest insights (eg. using Google Big Query, SPSS Modeler or other analytical modelling tools).

What do we offer?

  • You will be part of a team that is a concentrate of expertise in all the domains of data (data management and visualization, web analytics, market research, data activation, etc.);
  • An international, dynamic and creative workplace in the centre of media innovation with weekly, monthly and yearly drinks and festivities;
  • An Agile work environment where the output is more important than being present in an office;
  • We will support you in your ambitions to grow through internal and external training and talent programmes. As well as help you expand beyond the company by building a personal brand through article publications and speaking engagements if you like;
  • And of course a good salary, market compliant working conditions, organized lunch at our office canteen, chair massages, boot camps and plenty social activities.

Bij ons label DNA (Data in Action) hebben we een ‘start-up’ mentaliteit met de voordelen van een internationaal netwerk en bouwen we steeds meer aan data gedreven strategieën voor onze klanten.

Er wordt veel gepraat over data, maar het wordt pas concreet als je data kan vertalen in nieuwe strategieën, andere media-inkoop of andere creaties. Wij noemen dat Data in Action. Wij gaan door tot op dat niveau door met een enorm divers team (marktonderzoekers tot aan data scientists & visualisatie specialisten) data te bekijken vanuit drie invalshoeken: Beweerd, Gemeten en Sociaal gedrag. Zo leveren we bouwstenen voor betere campagnes en drijven wij de evolutie naar data-gedreven marketing.

Oh en “nerd” is een compliment, geen belediging ;-)

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